Types of electric vehicles: EV, BEV, HEV, and, PHEV Image

Types of electric vehicles: EV, BEV, HEV, and, PHEV

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There are several types of electric vehicles on the market, and understanding their differences is important, especially if you are considering buying one.  

EV and BEV: Electric Vehicles and Battery Electric Vehicles 

An Electric Vehicle (EV), also known as Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) is a fully electric vehicle that has rechargeable batteries. These batteries are recharged from the grid and are the only source of power for the vehicle, as they do not have a tank for petrol.  

HEV: Hybrid Electric Vehicle 

Hybrid Electric Vehicles are both electric and petrol-powered. The energy that powers their batteries is gained through regenerative braking or whilst driving using the combustion engine. One type of HEV, the micro (or mild) hybrid, uses both a battery and an electric motor to make the car run. Although they can not run solely on electric power, they maximize fuel economy by shutting off the internal combustion engine during complete stops. The full hybrid has the battery power to make the car move using electricity alone, but usually only for short distances.  

PHEV: Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle 

PHEV’s have both an engine and an electric motor. Like a regular hybrid, PHEV’s can recharge their batteries through regenerative braking or with the combustion engine. The primary difference between an HEV and a PHEV is the addition of a charging port into the PHEV. This way it can operate more like an EV, driving off the battery and recharging off the grid, only using the combustion engine when the battery is depleted. PHEV batteries typically have got a higher capacity than HEV vehicles. 

Nissan e-Power Engine. How does it work? 

Nissan has released their new e-Power engine. But, how does it work?  
The new Nissan with e-Power relies on the petrol engine to produce energy that charges the battery when the vehicle needs it. The petrol engine produces energy that can either be directly supplied to the electric motor or recharged by the battery. The electric motor alone drives the vehicles’ wheels giving an electric feeling drive at all times.  

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