Welcome to the captivating world of New Dacia, where excellence meets affordability. Our lineup of New Dacia cars showcases a perfect blend of style, performance and value for money. Whether you’re seeking a compact city companion like the Sandero, or a spacious family-orientated option like the Duster, our New Dacia range has something for everyone. With modernised technology, impressive fuel efficiency and top-of-the-range safety features, New Dacia cars redefine what it means to drive a budget-friendly vehicle.

All-New Dacia Spring Listing Image

All-New Dacia Spring

Dacia Sandero Listing Image

Dacia Sandero

From £13,795
Dacia Sandero Stepway Listing Image

Dacia Sandero Stepway

From £15,295
Dacia Duster Listing Image

Dacia Duster

From £17,295
Dacia Jogger Listing Image

Dacia Jogger

From £18,295
Dacia Jogger Hybrid Listing Image

Dacia Jogger Hybrid

From £22,995