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Tips for driving in extreme conditions

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Storm Eunice is set to land tomorrow (18th February) and the Met Office has issued a red warning for strong winds. Winds up to 95mph are expected across the whole of Wales from 03:00am until 21:00pm Friday evening.

Drivers could encounter fallen trees, flying debris from buildings and travel disruption. How do you stay safe on the roads during this bad weather?  We have some tips to prepare you for extreme weather conditions.


1. Ensure your car is safe to drive

Ensure your car is in the best possible condition to face extreme conditions. Carry out safety checks before setting off on your journey.


2.Plan your journey

Before heading out, go online and plan your route to see if there are any road closures or delays.


3. Hold onto your car doors

When opening your car door in strong winds, especially from inside, ensure you have a strong grip and be prepared for the wind to catch it. Strong winds can not only cause damage to your door’s hinges but could cause damage if blown wide open into neighbouring cars.


4. Consider where to park

Avoid parking under trees, or a building’s roof. Falling debris could not only damage your car but cause you serious injury.


5. Firmly grip your steering wheel

Always grip the wheel firmly with two hands when driving in high winds.


6. Leave more space

Reduce your speed and increase your distance between you and other traffic, especially on wet roads.  Be wary of high-sided vehicles and motorbikes and cyclists which are more vulnerable to the effects of the winds.


If you are unfortunate to have your car damaged in Storm Eunice, we are here to help.  Contact our friendly team on 01443 842216 to find out how we can help.