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Renault Says: Be Mindful, Don't Idle

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The issue of poor air quality is one that affects us all. Research shows that children suffer more than any other age group with one in three in the UK breathing unsafe levels of pollution (1).
The problem is compounded by the fact that children breathe more rapidly than adults. An infant breathes in three times as much air, while a six-year-old child breathes in twice as much as an adult, relative to body weight.

In fact, the journey to and from school, combined with their time in the classroom and playground, is where children receive 59% of their daily exposure to air pollution3. Poor air pollution has multiple negative health impacts on children such as increased rates of asthma and reduced lung function in adulthood.

One of the contributory – and unnecessary – factors is vehicles that sit stationary with their engines running; this is known as idling.

On average, every minute of idling produces enough emissions to fill 150 party balloons4 and is illegal under the Road Traffic Regulations 2002 and Section 42 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 in Scotland. Not only does it affect everyone’s health but could land the driver with a fixed penalty fine of £80.


What you can do

These health concerns, particularly the health concerns of our children, is why Renault have launched their Be Mindful, Don’t Idle campaign. They are aiming to educate as many motorists as possible, not just those on the school-run, of the impact idling has on the quality of air around us, and our children.

Renault already provide a number of key technologies and vehicles which can reduce the number of unnecessary emissions.

They offer Stop & Start technology, which automatically turns the engine off when the vehicle comes to standstill to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy.

Renault believe in sustainable mobility for all, and that’s why they have had a range of electric vehicles on the market for ten years now.

Their latest E-TECH Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles enable reduced emissions and fuel consumption6. You can select pure electric mode which can be switched on when in and around town and especially when doing the school run.

The 100% electric vehicle range includes the award-winning Renault ZOE. Offering zero tailpipe emissions, and up to 245 miles of range 7.

Although all these technologies are available, the first step on the journey to improve air quality is to look at our own driving habits. Whether it is not using a vehicle on short journeys where possible, or just turning your engine off when not moving we all have a part to play.