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Motability Scheme’s Free Home Charging Point Offer!

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Charging an electric car at home works out much cheaper than filling up a traditional petrol or diesel car. It's more convenient, and almost certainly cheaper (unless you can consistently use free charging points) than public chargers. 

When you lease your first fully electric car on the Motability Scheme, they will arrange and cover the standard cost of a home ChargePoint and its installation.

What will you need?

You’ll need to have off-road parking next to your house, like a driveway or garage.

Once your application has been approved, they will arrange the installation of a 7kW ChargePoint from Ohme or Easee.

This offer from the Motability scheme is only available for your first fully electric car.

What if I do not have a driveway or garage?

One-third of houses in the UK lack a driveway to leave their car charging and those in flats will struggle to park outside their property long enough to charge the car. For more information, please read our article 

Check with your local council, or your landlord if you have permission to have a home ChargePoint installed. This offer will only pay for the first ChargePoint to be installed. So, think about whether you’re likely to move to a new house during your lease.

Easee Home ChargePoint

Ohme or Easee may want more information

To identify if your house is suitable to have a home ChargePoint installed, Ohme or Easee may ask for more information. They will need to know where you want the charger fitted and the location of your fuse box.

Contact your energy provider

Some people may need to have their electricity supply de-looped. This means separating your supply from your neighbours’ supply if you share a single electricity supply circuit. The Motability scheme will not cover this cost and you will need to organize this with your supplier.

It is recommended that a ChargePoint is fitted before your brand-new car arrives.

On the installation day!

Either Ohme or Easee will arrange an installation date with you. Make sure that you clear any items that might be in the way of the fuse box or meter.

Both Ohme and Easee installers will be able to identify themselves, so you know it’s them.

How long does it take?

Each installation can be different, so it’s tricky to estimate how long will it take. Usually, they’ll fit the charger not too far from your main fuse box, which can take up to two hours. However, if it’s more complicated like completing groundworks or updating the electrics in your home, this could take up to five hours.


To make sure you are happy and comfortable with your new ChargePoint, the installers will show you how to use it. They will also discuss ways to get support after your installation if you need it.


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