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Four new driving laws in the UK

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Motorists have been urged to be familiar with new driving laws that have been implemented this month, including stricter rules against the use of mobile phones.

The new regulations are being put in place to help improve the air quality in city centres and the overall safety for road users including cyclists and pedestrians. So, what are they?


Closing a previous loophole, it is now illegal for UK motorists to use their mobile phones for any purpose, even whilst stopped at a red light. Before the recent update, drivers could scroll through playlists and take photos, claiming that they were not using devices for ‘calls or messages’.


Also known as Low Emission Zones, several cities across the UK have introduced this ruling to help the air quality in the local area, as well as reduce harmful emissions. Depending on the type of vehicle and how old the driver is, there will be a fee for traveling within the Clean Air Zone.


The government announced that all new cars are to be fitted with a speed limiter. This device is installed on cars and will restrict the engine power so the vehicle does not pass a certain speed. These speed limiters will improve road safety for all users and will be a step forward for the development of self-driving cars in the UK.


Motorists will now need a license to carry goods for hire or reward into the EU or Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. The standard international goods vehicle license will be required for light goods vehicles, and car/van towing trailers.