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Drive Easy with Dacia Flex

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Dacia Flex: Your Shortcut to Driving Freedom

For those eagerly awaiting the launch of the All-New Duster later this year, Dacia has the perfect solution – introducing Dacia Flex. This innovative leasing option not only offers convenience but also provides the freedom to switch to the latest model hassle-free.

Break Free from Long-Term Commitments

Dacia Flex is not your typical leasing plan; it's a game-changer. Exclusively available on all versions of the current Duster, this innovative finance product allows you to enjoy the rugged charm of the present model and seamlessly transition to the All-New Duster when it hits the roads later this year. The best part? You can end your lease after just six months without any penalties. 

Why Dacia Flex?

If you're contemplating why Dacia Flex is a superior choice compared to conventional leasing options, here's the lowdown. Much like a Personal Contract Hire (PCH) plan, Dacia Flex simplifies the entire process of vehicle ownership. The end of the term doesn't entail the hassle of selling or concerns about vehicle ownership. Instead, you can effortlessly hand back the keys to your Duster, making the transition smooth and stress-free.

But it's not just about simplicity; it's about offering you the ultimate flexibility. Luke Broad, Dacia Brand Director for the UK, highlights, "All-New Duster is certainly going to be worth the wait, but we know that some customers need a new car now. That’s why we’ve introduced Dacia Flex! It gives customers the best of both worlds. Now they can enjoy all the benefits of the current Duster and then switch into the new model later this year, all without the faff of selling a car.” 

Getting Started with Dacia Flex

Getting behind the wheel of your dream Duster with Dacia Flex is a breeze.

Once you've identified the perfect trim and engine for your needs, choose an advance rental, with the option of it being as little as one monthly payment. The monthly rental cost is then determined based on your chosen mileage and the length of the lease.

What's more, road tax is included in the cost, making your budgeting process straightforward and transparent. No hidden fees, no surprises – just pure driving freedom.

Your Journey Begins with Dacia Flex

For Duster enthusiasts who can't wait for the All-New Duster but need a new car now, Dacia Flex provides the perfect solution. Say goodbye to long-term commitments and hello to the flexibility of enjoying the current Duster today and effortlessly switching to the All-New Duster later. 

So, are you ready to embark on your road to freedom with Dacia Flex? The journey awaits, and it starts with the click of a button. Choose Dacia Flex, and let the adventure begin.

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