Welcome to Griffin Mill Nissan Aftersales and Service Care.

We have a wide variety of servicing and parts options, Griffin Mills Nissan Aftersales team can help you to get the ultimate level of performance and longevity out of your vehicle.

Our expert Aftersales and Service Care department has a wealth of experience and have undergone vast training to make sure they know every detail of your car – inside and out.

So, whether it is repair work, a service or an accessory addition our team will always be available to use their knowledge and experience to offer you the best advice for your requirements.

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Nissan Service Care

Everyone’s a winner when they book a service with us – our package is designed to be transparent, simple and provide outstanding value.

No matter how old your Nissan is our prices are fixed. You simply choose from a major or minor service for a petrol (from £189) or diesel (from £209) Nissan or EV (from £129) Nissan and in return receive these fantastic added benefits:

> 1 year’s European roadside cover worth £95
When you have your car serviced with us enjoy 1 year’s roadside cover, so whatever happens we’ll keep you on the road with minimum inconvenience.

> Keeping you mobile
From providing a courtesy car to taking you where you need to go, we’ll arrange transport for you while your car is with us

> eVision: vehicle assessment video
If our trained Nissan technicians identify an issue they’ll film it and email you a personalised video so that you can make an informed decision on any work

> Approved quality parts
Made to the same standards as our vehicles, they have been designed specifically for the vehicle, which means they work more effectively, offer greater levels of safety and last longer

>Trained Technicians
Our teams of highly-skilled technicians have attended specialist training courses, so they know everything there is to know about servicing and repairing Nissans.

> Free vehicle software updates
We’ll automatically check your car and its features to see if it requires any recall or service campaign related software updates, helping to ensure the durability of your vehicle.

Minor Service includes: Major Service includes:

£189 Petrol | £209 Diesel I £129 Electric

  • Oil
  • Oil Filter
  • Sump Plug Washer
  • Screenwash
  • Pollen Filter

£259 Petrol | £319 Diesel I £149 Electric

  • Oil
  • Oil Filter
  • Sump Plug Washer
  • Screenwash
  • Pollen Filter
  • Brake Fluid
  • Air Filter and Fuel Filter (Diesel only)


We’ll always keep you in the know with our service. If we identify a concern with your vehicle, we’ll use our eVision tool to create a short video explaining what’s needed. That way you can make an informed decision about what work you want to have done.

Once you have decided you can rely on fixed prices for most of our common repairs, such as window wipers and brake pads. They’ll be carried out by our trained Nissan technician, using only approved quality parts.

For further details, talk to our Nissan-approved service department today on 01443 531 072, or Click Here to book your service today. For a service you can trust take up Nissan Service Care.