Tips for driving in hot temperatures

21 June 2017

by: Rachel Clarke

We've been enjoying some very hot weather in South Wales over the last few days.  Below are some handy tips for driving in hot temperatures.


Take Plenty of Water

Always take plenty of water or cold drinks for journeys, especially if you plan a long trip. Make sure you drink plenty of water to avoid becoming dehydrated. It's also worth filling a cool box with cold drinks and storing it in the boot. This could  be a lifesaver especially if you get stuck in a traffic jam.

Car Overheating

If your car begins to overheat, find somewhere safe to pull over and let your  car cool down for at least half an hour before topping up your radiator.

The water in the cooling system can get extremely hot and is also under pressure, so never attempt to top it up straight away. If pulling over immediately is not possible then try opening all the windows and turning on the heating to help dissipate some of the heat.

Your engines radiator relies on air flow to keep the engine cool, so if you are stuck in traffic and not moving it might be worth turning off your engine while you are waiting for the traffic to start moving again.


Check Tyre Pressures


Hot temperatures can make the pressure in your tyres increase slightly, so its best to check them before a journey.

Check Engine Fluids

Hot weather also puts a lot of strain on car engines. So, before setting off on any journey, be sure to check that your cooling system, engine oil, and brake fluid are all at the recommended levels. Make sure you carry spare oil in the boot. Oil not only lubricates your engine but will help keep it cool.

Air Conditioning System


If you have air conditioning remember that it will not work effectively if you open any windows. Also if you are in a traffic jam using your air conditioning will make you use up to 20% more fuel so if you are running low, it might be idea to turn it off and open the windows instead.

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