Staff Spotlight: Teresa Milward

09 August 2013

by: Paul Gibbs

Q. How long have you been at Griffin Mill?
A.  17 Years this December.

Q. What did you do before that?
A.  Banking Industry.

Q. How’s the job?
A.  Very busy, but I love it.

Q. Favourite part of the job?
A.   The team I work with.

Q. Biggest challenge you’ve faced?
A.  Marketing the department.

Q. What’s it like working at Summit?
A.  We are based at the highest point of the company, the views are  fantastic.

Q. What are you looking forward to over the next few months?
A.  Increasing our customer database & sustaining a fantastic customer satisfaction result.

Q. What do you like about working in Service?
A.  Going home at the end of the day feeling that you have delivered an excellent customer service.

Q. Any advice for someone starting out in the industry?
A. It is a good industry to work in, my advice would be to gain experience in ALL  departments before settling in the area that most suits you. 

Quick Fire Round

Favourite place in the world? I haven’t travelled much, at present my caravan in Tenby.
What makes you happy? Life, you only get one shot at it!
Football or Rugby? Rugby - but my home is all football.
Basecamp or Summit? Of course Summit
What is your most interesting fact? I used to be in the Police Force.
What is your party trick? Impersonations.

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