Simply amazing… The all-new Nissan LEAF

27 November 2017

by: Aislinn Millichip

Go everywhere, further, with everything you need in the New Nissan LEAF. Feel more confident, more connected and experience a more exciting drive in an electric car that does simple things amazingly.

The new LEAF has a battery beneath its floor that can store more energy to send to the new electric motor. This produces 148bhp, an increase of 41bhp. That extra punch means that the new LEAF can accelerate from 0-62mph in just over 8 seconds. Plus, the car features a driving range of 235 miles, 81 miles farther than the current Leaf. What’s more, this will be extended to 310 miles when the higher-specification LEAF E-Plus arrives in 2019. That’s the same as Jaguar’s forthcoming I-Pace electric SUV and more than Tesla’s Model 3.

The all-new Nissan LEAF features the e-Pedal, which is intended to make urban driving easier. Most electric cars have regenerative braking, where the energy that is lost when you lift off the accelerator is instead used to put some charge back into the battery, with the side effect that the car slows noticeably. But the e-Pedal intentionally exaggerates this so that when you turn it on, you can drive almost any journey without touching the brakes at all. The effect is twice as powerful as in the current Leaf, and the e-Pedal can even bring the car to a complete stop, it will certainly make life simpler for those who like the idea of topping up the car’s battery on the go.

The LEAF also has a suite of new driver assistance technologies, including Nissan’s ProPilot system, which combines adaptive cruise control (to keep you a safe distance from the car in front on the motorway) with lane-keeping assist (to keep the car in the centre of its lane) for a degree of autonomous driving. Then there's the new automatic parking function, ProPilot Park. This takes control of the accelerator, brakes and steering wheel once it has detected a space, and requires you to do nothing more than hold a button on the infotainment screen, eliminating the stress of squeezing into tight spaces.

The LEAF's interior has also taken a step forward to include a neater design with fewer buttons. The car is marginally wider and longer than its predecessor with an airy interior feel. Leg room in the rear seats is good, with enough space for someone 6ft tall to sit in comfort. In addition, with 435 litres of boot space, the new Leaf should allow you to carry more luggage than either the e-Golf or the BMW i3.

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Extract taken from an original article by WhatCar:

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