Griffin Mill set to chalk it up!

01 April 2016

by: Paul Gibbs

Griffin Mill has been lucky enough to have been given permission to go ahead with their highly anticipated giant chalk work on the Brecon hills. Brecon is 33 miles away from Griffin Mill’s Pontypridd home, and the chalk work – a giant Griffin – will be cut into the hillside with the help of local residents and customers.

The aim is that the giant Griffin will hopefully become a historic landmark, attracting visitors to the local area and making Griffin Mill even more of a local destination.

The edge of the Griffin will be adorned with the finest Welsh slate, adding to both the beauty and history of the chalk work.

Mock up of the proposed hillside Griffin.

In order to make sure visitors get a good view of the chalk Griffin come rain or shine, a hilltop café and restaurant will be built to run alongside the famous Taff Trail.

The restaurant will be run by up and coming chef Heather Kiirby, who is currently Head Chef at a three-Michelin star restaurant in Pontypridd. From the luxury of the plushly furnished restaurant, customers will be able to observe the Griffin from the panoramic, custom-built window while they enjoy various Welsh delicacies such as crempog, rarebit, Glamorgan sausages, valley-bred lamb cawl, Welsh cakes and bara brith.

The kids have also been thought about, and alongside the restaurant will be a childrens’ play area and mini farmyard, complete with Welsh lambs, chickens, and thoroughbred Welsh cows to pet.

Griffin Mill has successfully secured Lottery funding and European grants to fund the venture, which will be a multi-million pound undertaking. Similar landmarks in other parts of the UK have proved very successful – with the Angel of the North, The Cerne Abbas Giant, and the Eric Morecombe statue all doing wonders for their local tourism statistics, and with thousands of families and tourists expected to visit the Griffin each week, the money invested is sure to be recouped quickly.

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