Choosing the right business fleet for you

13 April 2016

by: Paul Gibbs

Investing in a car is a tricky decision, and likely to be one of the largest investments you ever make, behind your home. The same premise applies to choosing which cars to use for your business fleet. After all, if transportation is an important part of your day to day activities, the business leasing provider you choose for your staff fleet is all the more vital to running a smooth operation.

And let's not forget the advantages of a company car. An attractive and reliable vehicle can form part of a desirable benefits package for any prospective employees. 

As a business owner, naturally you will be interested in the bottom line - how to arrange your contract hire and how much it will cost you. At Griffin Mill Garages, we aim to make the process as easy as possible for you, as we understand the time constraints placed on the modern entrepreneur. 

We invite you to pop into one of our garages and test drive any car in our range that you feel is suitable for your company. Once you have found the car for your workforce, all that is left to do is decide on the spec, and then place your order. We take care of the rest, including delivery to the collection point of your choice. That's the advantage of business hire vehicles for your workforce.

We can usually arrange a discount for business owners hiring a fleet, so make sure you enquire about our special offers. We can also arrange customer support where needed, direct from the manufacturer, meaning any maintenance once your fleet is up and running can be conducted with little hassle. 

In line with customer requirements, we also stand ready to point you in the right direction on insurance matters. As many accidents on Britain's roads are work related, it is essential that you choose the right insurance package. Depending on the number of vehicles in your business fleet, it may be best for you to opt for third party cover, paying for any damage as it occurs. This is one of many insurance options we can run you through, and we can also direct you to a number of accredited providers who will be able to advise you and give you a competitive quote.

In terms of which model to choose, we have seen a big shift in the choices of business owners in recent years. Hatchbacks have become more popular as company vehicles, especially in sectors which don't require a huge amount of vehicle space.

This is especially true for any businesses based in city centres and a perfect illustration of why the hatchback is most suitable for some business fleets. In Cardiff for example, parking is at a premium, and these small, nimble vehicles are perfect for short journeys in a traffic-heavy city with little parking space at the best of times. 

Another factor is fuel emissions. The government tax structure can penalise companies that go for the luxury route if the car has high fuel emissions, prompting many to seek a more environmentally friendly alternative.

There are many other advantages to opting for contract hire for your business fleet, especially when we compare to buying your company cars outright. Owning an asset which is depreciating is something that you need to keep a record of periodically. You also have the added responsibilities that come with owning your own fleet - these include maintenance, and of course arranging the sale of the vehicle once it reaches the end of the line. 

In terms of balancing the books, many companies report that leasing works out as the most sensible option. While it is accepted that for a fleet you own, repair bills in the third year of ownership work out a lot higher than the first two, when opting for business hire, these costs work out more evenly across the duration of your lease. Choosing to lease over buying also allows you to reclaim an amount of VAT on each car, as they are being used for business. 

There are several add-ons which you might like to take advantage of when business leasing, depending on the nature of your work. It is possible to arrange regular health and safety check-ups on your fleet, to ensure your employees are driving vehicles that are up to the highest standards at all times, a service that Griffin Mill Garages aim to make the process as easy as possible for you.

To find out more about our fleet options, call us on 01443 531 402 or visit us and talk with one of our fleet trained executives.

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