Buying a used car this month could save you the cost of Christmas.

01 December 2015

by: Paul Gibbs

If you buy a used car in December instead of January, you could save enough money to cover the cost of your Christmas spending, according to car price analysis experts CAP Automotive.

The Money Advisory Service Christmas Survey of 2014 showed that UK adults spend an average £487 each to celebrate Christmas.

December has always been the quiet month for used car sales – followed by an explosion of interest in January.

CAP Automotive have looked into the historic used car price changes over the Christmas and New Year period, to find that most makes and models were valued at almost £500 less in December 2014 than in January 2015.

These results showed that buying a used car before Christmas could save the average adult enough money to cover Christmas.

CAP Automotive's retail and consumer specialist Philip Nothard said: 

For many of us the idea of spending more money in December might be particularly unappealing, but the CAP figures show that it can offer some genuine savings in the long term if it's a car you're after.

The influence of what we call ‘seasonality’ may already be familiar to the savvier of consumers. For example, some take advantage of it by purchasing their four-wheel-drive in the height of summer and sell it again when others are contemplating how they’ll get through another snow-bound winter. 

“The trick is to go against the trend and buy when other people aren’t looking for the same thing – and that means December can be a brilliant time to change your car.

Our figures show that the potential savings for motorists who bought last December instead of waiting until January were significant.

These savings may not seem gigantic in comparison to the overall cost of the car, but the clever car buyer knows that a few hundred pounds are not to be scoffed at.”

Thinking of buying a used car in January but are waiting to let the snow settle before you crunch the Christmas numbers. If you buy a used car this month could the cost of Christmas.

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