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Why Choose Griffin Mill Garages.

In all our operations, we aim to treat our customers fairly and to provide you, our customers, with a friendly ,efficient and value for money service.

We take great pride in our record and wish to continue the good work we have don't over the last 50 years.

Our Heritage

It is over a half a century again since brothers Clive and Colin Griffin started their business not long after World War Two. In the early days they had a petrol and repair station in Pontypridd but soon moved to bigger premises in Upper Boat. In 1961, they registered Griffin Mill Garages as a Ltd company.

Many people ask where the 'Mill' part of the name originates. My grandfather had a business in Upper Boat supplying corn, seed and other suppliers to the local farming and mining communities. The business was literally a mill and when the motor business moved to these premises they decided to adopt the 'Mill' part of the name.

The business has changed enormously in the last 53 years, but we remain a family business with the same values held dear by the founders.

We have strong links with the local community and in a shrinking world where 'out sourcing' is commonplace, we still try to support local businesses by purchasing from independent Welsh suppliers.